Behrouz Soheili

Literature as a Sculpture

Literature as a Sculpture:

This collection is an attempt to reach main 5 pillars:


1- Volume-Making: T­hree-dimensional expression of subject or text which has been mentioned as a phrase or verse of a poem in title or part of art work. This is while in some works of this collection, the volume evinces the phrase or concept that is deleted from the title or notice of work deliberately.


2– Sculptural Expression in Order to Make Relation between Visual Art and Persian Literature


3- Applying Element of Color as a Part of a Toreutics Work: The element of color has been played minor role in toreutics since long ago, consequently, old produced works and almost all of the contemporary works have tonalities of black and white on the metal base color.

The result of Behrouz Soheili’s research as a bachelor’s thesis was “producing colored displays by the existing potential in copper and brass themselves so that these colored displays indicate metallic aspects of art metal work and add new colored attractiveness to it without any defect on toreutics identity.”


4- Breaking the Hidden Red Lines Which Dominate Traditional Toreutics: Toreutics as a kind of art work which has been existing in Persia since long ago has limiting unwritten rules which conflict with contemporary art and artist’s freedom. But, breaking these red lines bring unlimited freedom for artist generally so that even toreutics tools and paraphernalia like bitumen and hammer have chance to show themselves as a part of art work in showing.

Furthermore, being reckless in pattern drawing has caused kidding and playing with traditional patterns which always have dominated Persian Art by their ornamental traditional aspect.


5. Combining Toreutics With Sculpture: Although toreutics is known as a art work singly but, in this collection it’s tried to apply it just as a technic in order to artistic expression. 



The Page of Saadi Shirazi's Boustan                                      Last Night, At Morning Time                                                                              Fill The Bowl




Ever Intoxicated Keepeth Me the Waft of                                                                                                                           Ever Intoxicated Keepeth Me the the Tress-Curl of Thine                                                            Fill the Bowl (2nd edition)                               waft of the Tress-Curl of Thine (2nd edition




Love Elixier Fell On My Copper And...                                                     Untitled                                                                                                     Untitled



Untitled                                                                                I Worry Love Will Be Changed into                                                  That Night, the Fisherman Insanity in the Saadi's Mind




Remember the Flight; Bird Will Die